Files, a file manager for Windows 11 with tabs (and more)

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Windows 11 is in free fall and of all the new things it brings, there is one that is not here or expected, even though it has been an industry standard for years or that many of its users have dreamed of it over time: A tabbed file manager !!!. As simple as that… But no; lots of makeup, but such a handy feature as the best for another century, so it’s cool to open multiple windows in the middle of 2021, almost 2022…

Worst of all, Microsoft has reformulated the file manager for Windows 11 – call it a manager, call it browser, explorer… disaster in more ways than one, and that’s not my opinion, but that of many who have tried it, as you can read in this article or in this other, to name a few examples. And in the meantime, no eyelashes.

Files, an alternative file browser


So let’s leave a thick veil on the official Windows file manager and welcome Files, an alternative that, I warn you, I did not have the opportunity to try, but that I looked for and both for its characteristics and for the opinions of many of its users, it would be the one that m would install without a doubt, to use Windows. And for the record, I am talking about Windows in general because it is a development with several years of delay and not only for Windows 11, it is also for Windows 10.

However, it seems to be in Windows 11 where this file is best, given the opinions of both pouring out across the internet. What does Files offer that the default Windows manager does not? The ability to use eyelashes is definitely the highlight, but it’s not the only thing. Other features that make Files a more suggestive replacement include its design, very close to the system itself and really attractive, as well as superior performance to the original, according to what is said there.

And a particular no less relevant, no matter how much we talk about an application for Windows: Files are open source, an ‘add-on’ that never hurts, not even in a proprietary operating system, it bears repeating. For more data, the development of the project is in preparation on GitHub.

Of course, Files has everything you imagine – or expect – from a modern file manager: different views, ranking, searching… proofreading.

Apart from what has been said, Files is in the news today for the launch of its second stable version, Files v2, which comes with some interesting new features: a new column view, labels to organize files, custom themes … and some other adjustments or improvements in file viewing, FTP protocol support, options access to files for more security, grouping of files by type, size and date … A most complete update.



However, What does the default Windows manager offer that Files does not? It depends on the version of the system we are referring to. The new version – that of Windows 11 – looks very nice in its default view, but it doesn’t take long to collapse, once you switch views and the Ribbon interface appears, also popular at the time. that it is out of place in the new. to organise. The old version is more consistent, but …

… But the truth is, Files doesn’t seem to suffer from anything significant compared to Windows 10 or Windows 11 Explorer. Not even when it comes to its integration with the system. Concretely, integration with file storage services like OneDrive, but also others like Google Drive or iCloud. If in fact what is happening with the performance is what is being said there …

Let’s say Files is a must have not just for any Windows user who wants a better design and experience than the original; is also a must have for Microsoft to see how things are done because it sounds like a joke that after so many years it continues to ignore the requests its initiates they do, for example pursue a tabbed file manager. What less!

If you want to try Files, on its official site you have the downloads, by various means besides the Microsoft Store, where you will also find an add-on to customize the browser theme to your liking.

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