A close look at Firefox 91’s new file download open behavior

Mozilla plans to change the open file download behavior in Firefox 91. Until now, Firefox users can choose to save or open the files they want to download. Saving places files in the default download folder and there are options to change the save folder.

Opening on the other hand saved the file in the temporary folder of the system; it does not affect the initial opening of the file, for example a torrent file in qBittorrent, a video in the default media player, or an image in an image viewer. Files are automatically deleted at the end of the session, which caused problems for users who wanted to reopen the downloaded file.

Starting with Firefox 91, Firefox uses different logic when it comes to opening file downloads. We took a look at part of the new behavior in June, which is that Firefox will save all files in the download folder, whether users select the save option or the open option.

A consequence of the new behavior is that open downloads are no longer automatically deleted. You must now delete these downloads manually.

This is not the only change, however. Firefox 91 will introduce functionality to open files from the download panel. The downloads panel displays all downloads, active, failed, or completed, for the session. If you are running Firefox 90 or earlier, you may have noticed that you cannot click on a download in progress to open the file as soon as the download is complete.

Firefox 91 introduces this option: just click on download and Firefox will display the time remaining before the file opens on the system.

Enable or disable the new Firefox download behavior

browser firefox.download.improvements_to_download_panel

There are many features that can be customized in Firefox. If you don’t like the new download behavior, like when you want files that open to be deleted automatically after you log off, you can configure Firefox to do so.

Here is how it is done:

  1. Load about: config in the Firefox address bar.
  2. Confirm that you will be careful on the warning page.
  3. Search for browser.download.improvements_to_download_panel.
    1. Set the value to TRUE to activate the new download behavior.
    2. Set the value to FALSE to disable the new download behavior.

It is possible that the preference will be removed at some point. For now, it is available and you can use it to configure behavior in the web browser.

Closing words

The change aligns Firefox’s download behavior with that of Chromium browsers. Firefox users who prefer the classic option can restore it after making the change in the browser.

Now you: which download behavior do you prefer? (via Techdows)


A close look at Firefox 91's new file download open behavior

Article name

A close look at Firefox 91’s new file download open behavior

The description

Mozilla plans to change the open file download behavior in Firefox 91. Find out what’s changing and how to undo the change if you prefer the classic behavior.


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