Browser and file manager by Kundan Jadhav

Want to save files like you do on a computer? and need to manage them offline? then this is the perfect app for you.

MT Browser & File Manager has below features.


1. Multi-tab browsing with easy switching between tabs.
– Open the link in a new tab like we do on the desktop browser.
– Differentiate websites based on its logo.
– Easy to reload, change and remove tab
– Long press to save files

2. App Lock – Support Touch ID or Face ID
– Set app lock PIN for extra level of security
– Use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock VAULT

3. Folder Locking and File Encryption
– Lock folders with PIN code
– Encrypt private files to get better security

4. Downloads and uploads
– Choose files to save from your cloud list.
– Upload local files to cloud

5. Manage Google Drive Files
– Manage your Google Drive files
– Backup and download files from your Google Drive account.

6. Advanced Download Manager.
– Faster downloads
– Add links to download files
– Pause and resume downloads
– Resume broken downloads
– Background download support.
– InApp notifications at start and end of download

7. Advanced File Manager
– Move, rename, delete and share files
– Sort files by name, date and size

8. iTunes file sharing support

9. Open files in other apps!

10. Beautiful app design and interactions

11. Unlimited Downloads

How are we? Tell us how we can improve the app and bring you new features. We’re listening !!! Thank you for using MT Browser & File Manager app. Please consider app store rating 🙂

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