Check Out This Google File Manager App You Probably Never Heard Of

Google apparently tested a file manager app called Files go which is currently listed on Google Play as a unreleased app. That means you can’t install it or anything because it was probably only released to a limited group. However, the file now floats on those fine waves of the internet and is available if you wish to view it.

Files Go is actually a pretty cool little file manager. Its basic purpose is to help you manage storage by offering suggestions for files, apps, images, cache, etc. that you may want to consider deleting to free up space. When you load the app, it refreshes to see if there are any areas where it could help you improve. In each section, you will be able to choose which files or applications to delete and then receive a sort of “Congratulations! After completing the task.

Where I think the app is a big deal is in its ability to share files with another person, even if you’re offline. There are send and receive buttons in the Files section of this app that allow you to connect directly to someone else to send files to. I just tried it and it works as well as you would expect, plus it keeps a list of all the files you have received.

Again, the app isn’t publicly released yet, but the .apk file is there if you look in the right places (like below).

Google play link | APK file

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Donald E. Hollingsworth