Dropbox documents are now accessible from the Chrome OS file manager

Last year, Chrome OS added support for viewing files from Android cloud storage apps. The feature worked immediately with the apps already in use Android DocumentsProvider API, including OneDrive and Box, but Dropbox didn’t support the API at the time. Dropbox eventually added the API, allowing it to integrate with the Chrome OS file manager.

Documents from Dropbox now appear in the Chrome OS Files app, thanks to a recent update to the Android app. You can copy files from Dropbox to your local Downloads folder (or Google Drive folder), and vice versa, but it’s still a bit buggy. Deleting files doesn’t seem to work, nor does copying entire directories at once.

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Despite the buggy functionality, it’s still nice to see some sort of Dropbox support on Chrome OS. The only method so far to view Dropbox files in File Manager was using apps like Dropsync, but that required keeping the documents in the Downloads folder, and it didn’t display some metadata (like dates) correctly.

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