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Also looking for a free solution to open EML file format? But you don’t know how to open .eml format in Windows? Now don’t worry, because this blog describes the best possible approach to view EML files on your personal computer.

EML stands for E-mail and it is a file format developed by Microsoft Corporation. EML files store e-mail messages in plain text formats. The structure of an EML file is standard and basically contains the header and main body of the email. Its header part includes sender and recipient email address including subject, date and time, etc., details. These files also show attachments and other hyperlinks embedded in the email message.

EML files can be used in different applications, servers and email clients like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Outlook Express, etc. So, technically we can say that EML is a mail file called RFC-822 file format. . Sometimes users still receive EML data files, they cannot open EML file format due to lack of supporting application. Or, sometimes the EML support email client crashes or gets damaged. Therefore, this creates an obstacle for users who want to open and view EML content using SysTools EML file extension reader.

In this review page, we are going to introduce you to one of the best EML File Viewer by SysTools for the Windows operating system. EML Reader tool is one of those prominent ways to open and view EML email messages as well as embedded attachments. This software is packed with many advanced features and some strengths of this tool are mentioned in the segment below.

Main Features of SysTools Free EML File Extension Reader

  • The EML Viewer tool allows you to open and view offline EML data files
  • Mail client installation not required to open EML file format
  • Automatically locate and load emails: Windows Explorer style interface
  • Preview EML files generated in different messaging applications
  • Two preview modes: Vertical and Horizontal file display mode
  • Overview of all attachments EML file with built-in EML explorer
  • EML file extension reader is compatible with Windows 10 and all versions below

Descriptive Features of SysTools EML Viewer to Open EML File Format

  • View and open EML files: EML Viewer tool provides instant view of EML file content while maintaining proper formatting of emails. With the help of this eminent utility one can read the email messages with their properties i.e.To, From, Subject, Date and time received / sent, Size, etc.

  • Preview emails with attachments: EML File Extension Reader software is able to preview the attachment through its built-in viewer for the corresponding email message. One can open EML file format with built-in attachments such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt, image files and all other types of data files with this tool.

  • Show EML message header: EML is flexible email supported by different email platforms. The header part of the EML file includes details about sender, recipient, subject, etc. This EML header viewer tool has the ability to read and display header information of EML messages.
  • Ability to automatically load EML files: After selecting the folder that contains the .eml files, the EML File Explorer tool automatically detects and loads all the EML files. The tool also displays the total number of e-mail messages in the browsed folder.
  • Open the Gmail EML file: Gmail email headers can be saved as text files and later accessed as a full message. When the header file is in text format, then renamed to .eml, it becomes the corresponding message. EML file extension reader can easily open EML file format and view EML files from Google Drive.
  • View and open Noname.eml: The EML Reader tool supports viewing email messages sent or received as attachments in the noname.eml format. When such attachments are received over a webmail service, they are usually inaccessible. This software allows users to view ‘noname.eml’ emails with attachments.
  • Open Google Apps EML file: Access to the Internet header of an e-mail exchanged via Google Apps can be extracted as a text file. With the help of Google Drive EML File Reader tool, it becomes possible to read Google Apps EML file.

Availability of free EML file extension reader

The EML File Opener tool is available for free and users can download it from the company’s official website. With the help of this free software, users can open EML file format. Users can add and view all data items of EML files and also can preview emails with attachments with this app.

Technical aspects of the free EML Viewer tool

Visual perception section: Here is the detailed description of the free software EML File Reader

Product Name
SysTools EML Viewer
Download installation file size
19.0 MB
1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
Approximately 2 GB of RAM is required
Hard disk
A minimum of 100MB of space is required for software installation
If Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 or Vista is installed, launch the tool as “Run as administrator”
Windows operating system Compatible with Windows 10 and all versions below

Final verdict

SysTools EML Message Viewer is an effective and efficient technique for opening and viewing EML files without installing a supporting email application. For its user-friendly interface and technical operation, we would like to rate this EML 9.9 / 10 file extension reader software. The tool is completely free and does not require even a single dollar to view the contents of the EML file on the Windows operating system. We highly recommend this program to all users who need to view EML files without any problem.

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