ES File Manager disappears from Play Store, possibly as part of DO Global scandal

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed News reported how Chinese company DO Global’s play store apps routinely engage in click fraud. automatically clicking on ads on behalf of users. Google has already removed apps and suspended accounts owned by DO Global, and it looks like ES File Manager may be part of the ongoing crackdown.

ES File Manager is a well-known file manager, although its popularity has declined in recent years as it has grown from developer to developer. The developer was most recently listed as “ES Global” on the Play Store, although the app is actually owned by “Du Global”. As LinkedIn confirms, Du is a subdivision of DO Global, the company currently involved in the click fraud scandal.

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ES File Manager is clearly visible on the Du site.

We reached out to Du Global to ask why the app was removed, but it could be one of the apps violating Play Store policies. The account under which the request was located, “ES Global”, was also been suspended.

ES File Explorer has been embroiled in other controversies over the past few years. The app came bundled with “Charging Boost” adware at one point (which was later removed), and a Pro version was introduced after the free app was loaded to the brim with bloatware.

If you are looking for a replacement, Solid explorer and Files by Google are my personal favorites.

Update: Official statement from DO Global

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