File Expert is a feature-packed file manager with Material Design, tabbed browsing, dark mode, and more. [Sponsored Post]

File Expert is a feature-packed file manager with Material Design, tabbed browsing, dark mode, and more. [Sponsored Post]

File management is a necessity for many Android users, but few manufacturers offer a full app to do it. If you want to be able to use everything possible with your file system, you will need a third-party option like File expert.

Why Expert File? Well it has pretty much all of the features of the book and everything comes in a beautiful Material Design interface. Let’s start with some of the file management features that power users are looking for:

  • File tagging
  • Recycle Bin to undo accidental deletions
  • Safebox – require password to access selected files
  • App Lock – requires a password to access File Expert
  • File Shred – safely delete files so they cannot be recovered later
  • Convert Microsoft Office files to PDF
  • FTP access
  • Integration of cloud storage (Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Wireless printing
  • Compress and decompress files (ZIP, RAR, 7z)
  • Integrated plain text editor
  • Chromecast support
  • Advanced download manager


There is much more to File Expert than could fit in a single post and the above list is far from exhaustive. For an example of the kind of goodies you’ll find in File Expert, let’s take a look at a recently added feature: offline downloads.

When you choose to download a file from your browser and select “FE Super Downloader” as your preferred application (this is File Expert) then you will get a prompt like below:

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To download offline, simply choose “Download to GCloud”. GCloud is the cloud storage service provided by GMobile, the developer of File Expert. Once you have an internet connection, the download task will be shared with GMobile, who will upload it to their cloud servers. Once completed, the file (s) will be synced to your device via File Expert.

The Super Downloader also works for other situations, such as when you just want to have a faster download speed or need the ability to pause a download in progress.

In addition to File Expert’s many advanced user features, it all comes together in one easy-to-use package. The interface alone is loaded with the kinds of details smart users want:

  • Material design
  • Tabbed navigation
  • Light and dark themes
  • Sort files by size, type, date, etc.
  • Thumbnail preview or list view
  • Research capacity
  • Slide-out menu for easy access to frequently used features
  • Batch selected files
  • Application icons are displayed with their associated folders for easier navigation
  • Horizontal mode for better tablet support

Below is a quick rundown of how you can switch between light and dark themes, along with an overview of each.

Tabbed browsing is a very versatile part of the interface, which can intelligently help you navigate between related areas besides your ability to just add your own tabs just like you would in a browser.

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File Expert is in its 8th version and has been in use for quite a while. But the interface of the latest version, with a hardware overhaul, sets it apart even more from many other options.

What can’t quite be transmitted without just using File Expert is the speed of all of its operations. GMobile has done a lot of work behind the scenes to make everything really fast, from searching to copying files.

While some of the features mentioned require a subscription, File Expert is very useful even in its free version. Best of all, the subscription model used by File Expert means you don’t have to make a long-term commitment to see what features you’ll need.

To find out more, you can visit File Expert official website or go to the Play Store to download right away.

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