Google’s file manager recovers Material You items

Deployment on the beta version

Android 12 brings with it the biggest upheaval in the design language in years: Material You. While we haven’t seen all of Google’s apps embrace this change yet, the process has begun and Files by Google is the latest to jump on the bandwagon.

The new design was spotted by people from 9to5Google. It introduces some subtle tweaks that make the app for Android 12 ready. The most notable difference is the new lower navigation bar which takes up more space and is dressed in a pastel blue color. Instead of the icons of the selected tabs turning blue as before, the active tab is indicated by a darker blue pill surrounding its icon.

Left: Old. Middle and right: New.

The top bar also takes on a blue tint as you scroll through the app, similar to Android 12 system settings. It’s safe to assume that this blue is a placeholder and the app will end up choosing colors to match your background. screen and the general theme of the device. In dark mode, the changes are more subtle. The top and bottom bar remain a shade of gray, with the blue pill surrounding the active tab icon being the only indicator of what material you are redrawing. One change you might not immediately notice is that Google is also ditching the old Roboto font for Google Sans and the new Google Sans Text font.

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The new design appears to have rolled out to the beta channel for those who have been using Android 12 for weeks now. If you’re already tinkering with the new operating system, update the app to try your luck. We also have the latest APK on Mirror APK, although the redesign is already live for us in the previous version, v1.0.378055542 from June.

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