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Google today decided to launch its new Files Go Android app in public beta to reach a wider group of testers. The company had prepared to announce its new file manager for Android later in December, but those plans were thwarted earlier this week when the app was spotted out in the wild during testing. While file management is at the heart of Files Go, the app also includes other useful tools, such as those that help users reclaim space by cleaning up unnecessary clutter, as well as a utility for file transfer that works offline using bluetooth.

The company quietly announced the larger beta opening of Files Go this morning, via a tweet.

For the most part, Google has decided to capitalize on interest in the new app, thanks to its exposure through media coverage. Instead of continuing to be silent about his plans as before, he has instead opened Files Go to beta testers who want a first look ahead of the public launch.

The beta app now has returned to google play where it is listed as “Files Go Beta: Free up space on your phone (Unreleased)”.

The description, as before, details its features – including its ability to help locate and remove spam and duplicate photos; support for offline file sharing; its file management utility; and its tool that recommends which of your infrequently used apps can be deleted to free up space on your phone.

The app itself is quite lightweight, with a download under 6MB.

While early speculation was that Files Go was aimed at emerging markets, we understand that it is on track for a global launch, starting in December.

Files Go is a free download here on google play.

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Donald E. Hollingsworth