Monster Hunter Rise file download size revealed

Monster Hunter Rise is finally available on Nintendo Switch this week, and players can embark on some dramatic hunts on the go.

If you’re getting ready for the action, however, you’ll want to know what the download size of Monster Hunter Rise is so you can get your SD card ready for it.

Monster Hunter Rise file download size

If you download the game from the Switch eShop, Nintendo says you will need 6.6 GB of free space to have the game on your system.

Since Capcom’s game is only coming to Switch, 6.6GB is the only download size you need to be aware of.

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The file size as noted by Nintendo

Fortunately, it’s much smaller than the size of Monster Hunter World when it launched on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC systems a few years ago.

Of course, due to the power of Nintendo’s hybrid console, that was to be expected.

First day patch

It should be noted that the Monster Hunter Rise download size listed above does not include any potential fixes that may arrive on launch day and over the following weeks.

Therefore, you can expect the full game to take up a bit more space on your SD card once it’s released and updated than the 6.6GB suggested.

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You shouldn’t need much more space, but it’s worth having some free space for the eventuality.

Of course, we’ll make sure to update you as the fixes for the game are released, updating the Monster Hunter Rise download size as it changes.

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