Popular File Manager ES File Explorer gets Material Design UI update in version 4.0

I have files. You have files. Everyone has files. It sort of goes with all of IT. Sometimes you will need to manage these files, and to do that you could do a lot worse than ES File Explorer. This reliable little app has been a popular option (over 100 million downloads!) Thanks to a really long list of features and commendable stability. Today it looks a bit better thanks to an upgrade to version 4.0.

Old above, new below.

The new default interface ditches the blacks and grays of previous versions for an all-white look. The bottom row of action buttons has been moved to the top of the screen, with the exception of the “new file” and “new folder” buttons, which are now accessible via the floating action button in the bottom corner. . (It’s a little hard to see with the default blue folders.) I would tell you what else is new in version 4.0 other than the visual tweaks, but there is no changelog yet – l ‘updated app was uploaded to APK Mirror and does not appear to have reached the Play Store yet. Aren’t you happy that Android Police’s sister site is here?


Some users seem irritated by the new changes, although it’s not particularly clear why. ES File Explorer is free to download for Android 2.0 and later, and it is also available for Android TV. Again, version 4.0 hasn’t hit the Play Store for around 10 a.m. PT, so head to APK Mirror if you’re impatient.

UPDATE: 08/02/2015 11:23 PM PDT PER

On Reddit at least one user says this APK is from a closed beta test, so don’t be surprised if you see any significant changes before it’s finalized. It may also take some time to access the Play Store.

Source: Mirror APK

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