Save on iMazing, the iPhone File Manager Mac Users Love

Naturally, we’re big iOS fans. Apple’s software is totally intuitive, beautifully smooth to use, and it comes with an unrivaled range of high-quality stock apps. But, it can also be a bit of a hassle when it comes to file management.

That’s why the super smart iMazing iOS Manager changes the situation. You can grab this powerful app for Mac or PC on sale now for just $14.99. It’s 57% off the regular price of $34 — but you can save even more!

iOS file management made easy

If you act fast, you can save even more on iMazing with coupon code JAN15. Take an additional 15% off and get a single device license for $12.74, a license for two devices for $16.99 (usually $44), a license for three devices for $21.24 (usually $49) and a license five devices for only $25.49 (usually $69).

And you can also forget to sign up for boring subscriptions. Each of these licenses lasts for the lifetime of your device. So whether you want to unlock File Management just for your iPhone or for all Apple devices in your family, there’s a package on sale for you.

What does iMazing do?

With this versatile tool, you can manage your iPhone, iPad and iPod data the way you want. This means that transferring files between your Mac or PC and your iOS device is as easy as a simple drag and drop, whether wirelessly or via USB. And send music to your iPhone? It’s as easy as a few clicks.

At the same time, you can easily browse, manage, extract and print WhatsApp text and messages, voice memos and notes. You’ll also have the ability to export your photos and videos without ever needing to use iCloud or iTunes.

With iMazing, you can save and manage your precious memories easier than ever. If you like to take a lot of photos, this is a feature worthy of the app’s only license.

iMazing also comes into its own when you replace or upgrade your device. It’s the ultimate way to back up all your data and files and know they’re safely stored before moving them to a new device.

Described as “the Swiss army knife of iPhone management apps”, the tool’s capabilities have earned it rave reviews from users, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

Save on iMazing

Start managing files on your Apple devices easier than ever with iMazing iOS Manageron sale for one device for $12.74 (usually $34), for two devices for $16.99 (usually $44), for three devices for $21.24 (usually $49) and five devices for $25.49 (usually $69) when you use code JANUARY 15.

Prices subject to change.

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