Shallot is a free file manager for Windows that offers a Plugin interface

Windows also comes with a built-in file manager called File explorer which helps users to explore folders, files, etc. While the built-in File Explorer is more than enough for a regular Windows user to explore different directories, sometimes users can look for additional features – and this is where third-party file manager apps can find their use. Today we are going to take a look at Shallot, a free file management software for Windows.

Shallot File Manager for Windows

Shallot is not a very feature rich file manager app like Tablacus, but it does have its own advantages. The user interface is very simple, and all the features are well documented. You will not face any problem while browsing different folders using this file manager. Like other classic apps, you can find a tree explorer which allows users to easily explore folders. Speaking of features, you might not find a lot of options, but all the essential options are included in this tool.

  • File Explorer: The file explorer which allows you to browse all the partitions as well as the hard disks (if you have several).
  • Bookmark: If you need to frequently open a particular folder, you can just mark it in the navigation menu bar. Instead of navigating to a specific path to open a particular folder, you can use the “Bookmark” feature. Like any web browser, a bookmark will be added to the navigation menu and users can open that path or folder by clicking on the bookmark.
  • Rename files: Suppose you need to rename five files. If you are using default file explorer, you need to select each file separately and press F2 button to rename one by one. However, if you are using Shallot, you can easily rename multiple files. All files will appear automatically if you select multiple files to rename at once.
  • Open Command Prompt: Suppose you need to open the command prompt in a particular folder to run a particular command. If you are using this tool, you don’t need to press Shift + right click to open Command Prompt or PowerShell. You may find an option in the navigation menu that will allow you to open it quickly.
  • Profile management: You can create different profiles and define different settings. Therefore, if you need a particular look with certain settings, you can easily switch to another profile.

If you want to add bookmark to a particular folder, right click on it and select Add to favorites.

Free Shallot file manager app for Windows

If you want to rename multiple files, select all of them> right click on a selected file> select Rename. After that, you will get a window where you can enter the desired name as well as the extension. Some settings are also available with this tool. To get them, click on the three-dot button that is visible in the upper right corner and select

Some settings are also available with this tool. To access it, click on the three-dot button that is visible in the upper right corner and select Setting. Then you can find options to customize it accordingly.

If you want to download it, it is available here.

FileVoyager, Konvertor, Multi-Commander, Unreal Commander, FreeCommander, and XYplorer are other free file manager software that you might want to check out.

Free Shallot file manager app for Windows

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