Windows File Manager (WinFile) now available for download from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has now released Windows File Manager (WinFile) as a desktop app in the Microsoft Store. The File Manager application was originally released with Windows 3.0 in the early 1990s. It was Microsoft’s first GUI-based file manager and it was superseded by Windows Explorer in later versions of Windows .

Last year Microsoft released improved binaries of this app that can be used in Windows 10 and its source code in GitHub. This updated application now ships with the following enhancements over the original File Manager application.

  1. OLE drag and drop support
  2. control characters (e.g. ctrl + C) match the current shortcut (e.g. ctrl + c -> copy) instead of changing drives
  3. cut (ctrl + X) followed by paste (ctrl + V) results in a file move as you might expect
  4. left and right arrows in the tree view expand and collapse folders as in explorer
  5. added context menus in both panes
  6. improved the means by which icons are displayed for files
  7. F12 runs Notepad or Notepad ++ on the selected file
  8. moved the location of the ini file to% AppData% Roaming Microsoft WinFile
  9. File.Search can include a date that limits files returned to those that are after the date provided; the output is also sorted by date instead of by name
  10. File.Search includes an option to include or not include subdirectories
  11. ctrl + K starts a command shell (ConEmu if it is installed) in the current directory; shift + ctrl + K starts an elevated command shell (cmd.exe only)
  12. File.Goto (ctrl + G) allows you to type a few words of a path and get a list of directories; by selecting one, you access this directory. Only drive c: is indexed.
  13. User interface displays analysis points (for example, junction points) as such
  14. added simple forward / backward navigation (probably needs improvement)
  15. The Show command has a new option to sort by date forward (oldest at top); normal date sort is most recent at the top

Download the app here from the Microsoft Store. You can find out more about this project here on GitHub.

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Donald E. Hollingsworth