Windows Phone 8.1 file manager available now

Windows Phone 8.1 – which anyone can download now – just keeps getting better with file management capability. Many users were hoping to get a Like an explorer way to manage files on Windows Phone, and now they can.

On the Windows Phone Blogcompany executives announced that users were asking for file management functionality in Windows Phone and they heard you loud and clear saying:

We’ve heard your comments loud and clear that managing files needs to be easier on your Windows Phone and Joe Belfiore announced earlier this month during a Reddit AMA that we would respond to your feedback with an official file manager app. Today we release this app. It’s called Files and it’s easy and intuitive to manage your files on your device running Windows Phone 8.1.

Files for Windows Phone 8.1

The app is simply called Files (download link below) and creates a simple and easy to use file management structure for all the files on your phone and SD card. It works like you’d expect a file manager to, navigate to the specific location on your phone or SD card. Then long-press a file to delete, rename, share, move, or copy it to another location.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you search Windows Store for “files” on your phone, different apps will find the same or similar name. Make sure you get the one from Microsoft Corporation – it’s free.

Windows Phone 8.1 Files

Download Files app for Windows Phone 8.1

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Donald E. Hollingsworth