Xiaomi adds Google Drive integration to Mi File Manager

Xiaomi’s MIUI is a heavily modified version of Android, with its own features and, in some cases, its own flaws. MIUI always invites polarizing opinions, with a vocal group of users loathing the changes Xiaomi made and a relatively silent user group who have attached themselves to Xiaomi’s changes. These changes extend to the various functionality of the ROM as well as to the Xiaomi applications within the ROM. One of these apps is Mi File Manager, the default preloaded file management solution found on MIUI ROMs and Xiaomi devices. The app has recently undergone a redesign in a previous beta, and to allow the app to maintain some competitive edge, Xiaomi has now added Google Drive integration to Mi File Manager.

With the integration of Google Drive, users can access all their files stored in the cloud directly from the default file manager app. You might also be able to access it through the Drive app, which is also preloaded on devices as part of Google’s suite of apps. But keeping the familiarity with the default file manager app can be a big deal for some users, so having an option is always nice.

Mi File Manager can also be installed on non-MIUI and non-Xiaomi devices through the Google Play Store. It’s a pretty robust file manager, but not the best. If you just want to try it out, you can download it from the Play Store.

Download Mi File Manager from the Google Play Store

Thanks to Telegram user @ iamsumut_0721 for the screenshots!

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Donald E. Hollingsworth